The Delorean calendar "Schatz+Hank Edition 2012" is set up


New idea to make 2 to 3 week trips through Europe during the summer months in 2013 / 2014 and probably also in 2015 with our 3 World Tour Deloreans (and also with the support vehicle after its completion). E.g. in 2013 for 2 weeks to France, in 2014 for 3 weeks to Spain and Portugal and in 2015 around Scandinavia? This would give us the opportunity to test our preparation (routes, accomodations, contacts), our vehicles, the GPS tracking, ourselves and all the other stuff during smaller trips through Europe. And we could visit some countries in Europe that will not be part of the Delorean World Tour route.


Meeting of the World Tour team at "Klassikwelt Bodensee" in Friedrichshafen with introduction of our perennial companion Sven as member #5 and presentation of his ideas and contributions to our tour. Sven will be part of the "backoffice", will create and maintain the homepage and will define a major part of the travel routes - if not the most of them.


VIN SCEDT26T0BD006601, out of Eau Claire Wisconsin, reached our destination to build the base for the first of our finaly 4 world tour vehicles.


Today we buy a 6800 Dollar Delorean in a really bad condition from the USA. Everybody´s Nightmare, but deloman´s dream of a car!


Finished Contract with the "DAZ publishing house" to print the first article about the preparations to the Delorean World Tour in the magazin "AUTOMOBILES, dare dreams"


Talked to "DAZ publishing house" to bring a serie of 5 double side articles, once every year, in one of their magazines. The decision will come in a few days.


Ariane from MAN shipment services make the excitation to talk to  shipments into Middle East Cargo shipment specialist provider Panalpina World Transport Ltd. in case of moving the cars across some waters.


Info from TUI Travel Center Oldenburg about ferry connections Jebel Ali, Karachi, Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Singapore and Australia with first hints what's possible and what not.


All ordered calendars "be a part of it!  Schatz+Hank Edition 2011" are sent.


Info from Central Global Cargo GmbH about the costs for air cargo for our 4 vehicles from Sydney to Canada: Flight with all handling, label, dispatching fees and auxiliary costs about 120,000 Euro (as per 12/02/2010).


Chris de Burgh and the Ferryman Productions Ltd London gave us permission to use the song "One World" for our soundtrack.


The first calendars "be a part of it!  Schatz+Hank Edition 2011" are on the way to you.


You can order the calendar "be a part of it!  Schatz+Hank Edition 2011" up from NOW!


Permission for using of the song "LA DI DA, it goes around the world" by Baracuda on our website and as background music for our project and this website by the creators and rights holders who Conaha Ltd.


guestbook on our website deloreanworldtour.com is online up from now.


First contact with Central Global Cargo for Airfreight rates


06601 reaches our workshop in Augsburg


Introduction of our ideas to the German community during the annual seasons closing BBQ in Ecknach


First contact with Ariane from MAN sea freight handling