KW has now delivered the prototype of the adjustable "KW Competition coilover suspension lift kit" and we will test it next weekend extensively on very bad roads around east German and the Czech Republic. 


The first auxiliary tank is finished and the team of HEIGO, under the direction of Nicolas Heilmann, has done a good job. The available capacity is expected to be slightly more than 140 liters, min driving distance from a theoretical. 1000km possible. The original fuel system also remains in the car and serves as an independent reserve system.


Our "spare world tour dmc12"  VIN 02177 reached us today and it will placed in our barn untill we start the Modifications. The world tour dmc12 fleet is complete now!


The chief of development from KW automotive GmbH received  the first drawings for the design of the higher Suspensions for our world trip purposes. He and his team begin the work promptly and a first prototype can delivered within two months.


In case of using the longer rear suspensions we have to realign the wheel hub housing. This is required as the bearings of the suspension arm on the inner and outer pivot point necessarily have to lie parallel to prevent the deformation of the bushings.


Last weekend Nicholas from Boston made an offer. He offered VIN SCEDT26T4BD002177 for using as the  "spare world tour dmc12". The contract is made​​, payment sentshipment organized and in 2 months the probably last car of our world tour fleet will reach Bavarian Ground.


Robert Lamrock, Organizer of the EUROFEST 2016 in Belfast answered our email:

Hello Wolfgang,
Good to hear from you. What a fantastic world tour you have organised! Yes it would be good to finish in Belfast in 2016.


The engine rebuilder has disassembled the engine and everything cleaned. Now the individual components are tested and measured, and with these results, the exact repair way can be found. All bearings and seals, piston rings and wear parts are always replaced, everything else decide the professionals from Huber and Wiessner.


Planing for the test routings thru europe have begun. The routes not fix, they are flexible to adapt! Everything is still open for changes in case of meeting friends of our world tour project. Feel free and be a part of it! For further information look at  Destinations

Planing for the test routings thru europe have begun . The routes not fix, they are flexible to change and adapt! Everything is still open for changes in case of meeting friends of our world tour project. Fell free and be a part of it! For further information look at


All parts from the engine and transmission are removed and the two modules can now go to engine and transmission rebuilder.


Philip, manager of one of the leading engine repair shops in Bavaria has visited us and we discussed the requirements of world travel motors. He'll get the engine from VIN 06601 next week to disassemble these to check and revise it completely.


At the event "review 2011" the guests vote for our little logo and the decision is made.


Chris test the sample wide sports seat , and decision is made to go with the original seats on the trip. Now we will bring original seats to saddler Hermann and he will make upholstering and covering with the breathable microfiber skin. The seats can then be tested by the team members in their own Deloreans extensively. 



Supporter "G" is back from body shop and Josef did a great job with creating the rear fenders. Now we have to build a lower rear door in common with our needs.


Conversation with a seat manufacturer and he will send us a seat so we can adapt to the needs of the world tour dmc12. We are looking forward to find a correct design of the seat, because Andre and Chris are tall and there is not too many space over the head.

Frame is back from dip stripping and sandblasting and now it´s pure metal. We can see a lot of very creative repair art.


Make decals and signs and bring the first version of the world tour dmc12 design to VIN 01178 to show it at our next meeting at 28th of jan in the workshop in bavaria.

Review of the suspension settings in relation to the changes due to the new height.

First 100 miles driving on a test track. The Run Flat Tires are a more harder than the standard and I have to choose a softer attitude of the shock absorbers for the next test. The track width of the front wheels is now wider like the original and therefore are higher steering forces required. In case of the new exhaust system we have a little more power on the rear axle and now it is very easy to drift. I try these on a wet plate on the test track and I´m surprised about the good handling and controllability.

The shipping company has announced the delivery of 2nd world tour dmc12 for next week. We are looking forward...


Change springs and put in a 2 inch extension to the shock absorbers in the rear for checking the maximum highness without trouble at another systems like parking break, drive shafts, and so on.


VIN 01178 must withstand a lot... I mount wheel distancers and the steel wheels and change the position of the lower front edge of the front fenders. They are 1 1/2" wider now.


Mirror switches are back! Elvis did a great job and connected the Delorean connectors with reliable NISSAN big series switches. The second Elvis action is a system with a swimmer switch inside of the heater bottle and a delayed triggered warning beep.


Talk to Nicolas from the company who build the auxiliary fuel tank and made a fix date to bring a car and the Dummy. At 22nd of march we will bring 2nd world tour dmc12 to Nicolas and he will build the tank within 3 weeks.

Tom from Munich called and he spoke about his commitment and a conversation with a large German tire manufacturer. Tom is a film producer and think about accompaning our trip with a film crew.


Exhaust system is ready for first try. We changed the ways of electric lines to Alternator and Starter in case of the new way of the hot pipes. The Alternator is to close to the right Muffler and get to warm. The Alternator is controled air cooled, but I think we need a thermic seperation between Muffler and Alt. We try all these with our test Car VIN 01178. It will be exciting!

Our support vehicle is now at the body shop and Josef will build a new rear end.