New Shirts for the Crew.


The air scoops along with connecting piece for centrifugal air filters are ready built / powdered / partly galvanized and are grown today.



The fuel switching in dwt1 has been revised and is now easier to use. In dwt 2-3-4 the switches was built for better servicing into the front left near the fuel delivery in the trunk. So this is not operable from the driver's seat,  but so are all pipe fittings and valves accessible from outside.



Small gifts for hosts in the whole wide world.



Important little things later you never see from outside. Space for the right muffler and a hole for generator cooling at dwt3.


We come in contact to Michael, a german member of the Classic Car Club Phuket and so we have a chance to meet some car enthusiasts in Thailand.  “worldwide encounters” :-) I LIKE!

read more about the Classic Car Club Phuket: https://www.facebook.com/ClassicCarClubPhuket


New fuel line system for the dwt cars, because sometimes we had trouble with the original fuel tubes and this modern components will fix that problems.


We have to go forward to do so many work on dwt3, but it is great to see, that the finish line with dwt1 and dwt2 is arrived. We just have to mount some little last covers and not really needful things like the flashlight charger. HAPPY DRIVING dwt1 + dwt2!


Once again Stefan made a great job and built the final structures for the Lower Louvres air guides from thin sheet steel. Now the boxes have to be welded and then protected against corrosion. Powder coating will be the choice.



A few hours before we start to the Viaja a Espana 2014 we had to exchanged the automatic transmission from dwt2. Now all bad parts are changed and we can bring the gearbox back to VIN 04389 and finish all the settings around the AT.


The turkish Delorean Community is informed about our tour and we look forward to have a good time together in their country!

read more about DeLorean Türkiye: https://www.facebook.com/DeLoreanTurkiye


fresh from the press: 1000 Flyer 2015-01 for the Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg


The last Spare Wheel Carriers are built and dwt3 now have his air intakes for ATF and Petrol Cooling



The three Delorean World Tour dmc´s are official licensed now and Sven can start with VISA paperwork and arrangements.


Once again has our test car and proto-dwt12 done his duty in the service of enhancements to our Deloreans. He has endured the past four years all the new developments around the "Delorean World Tour" to test them, to adapt and partly to exhaust the limits up to and exceeded all TÜV tests the advisory opinions go through. At the last days 2014 the tour-specific changes were build out and the car then returned to an original baseline condition.
In addition, we put out the standard engine to be packaged it together with tools, liquids and various small items on a pallet to be shipped immediately for an eventual emergency during the World Tour by Express. After the removal of this central organ we re installed an identical engine and so our "proto" will run and bring fun in 2015.


dwt1 and dwt2 were now equipped with the electric power steering and the first test runs are made. The steering now requires hardly any muscle power, but you lose the noticeable connection to the chassis. Wolfgang is therefore only partially happy with the systems, since although they have a high gain in comfort, but also an enormous loss of contact with the road. If the car example, flush standing at a curb with a wheel is this shortcoming very quickly felt. With the built-in servo systems, there is no feedback and the steering wheel can be turned without resistance, and this is certainly more to the detriment of wheel and chassis, such as damage to the curb.


Because of the greater need for steering forces, due to the higher weight on the front axle, the larger surface area of the front tires and the modified steering geometry, we decided spontaneously for the use of an electric power steering.



After 19 days and about 7000 km the Delorean World Tour team has returned to Bavaria. We reached all targets as planned and humans and machines are back safely.

Follow that link for the whole story:


In the morning of August 5th, our Proto and the first two World Tour dmc12 dwt1 and dwt2 were ready for start to the "Viaja a Espana"