Send connectors with cables for mirror switches to Elvis. He will connect them with reliable NISSAN big series switches.


Past Thursday, a carpenter from near Hockenheim called us and talk about a Delorean reported that the application of a contractor lien process.  He need the space in his garage before the freezing and disc scratching phase, so we drive thru the land today, inspected the car and become quickly agreed. Third world tour Delorean now landed in Bavaria.


Dummy is all right for going to the company who build the auxiliary fuel tank. The tank will build from light alloy and it will help us to have more than 1000 km freedom. There will be a fuel condenser and cooler in the fuel return system and I hope cooling is enough and the tank will not get too warm.


Wheel distancers rear ready, front we have to make a little change in case of the dust shield. Anything else fits wonderfull.


Peter, the exhaust specialist is on the way to finish our first world tour exhaust system. The challenge is it to build a system that bring the hot exhaust gas far away from the engine and keep an acceptable noise in the car. The original system is very silence and the sound is good for long distance travelling, but the pipes circled the engine like a coat and keep everything hot inside of this circle. Our new system follows the system for our racing Delorean and we bring away the temperature directly to the rear. No more trouble with lip seals and pulley bearings. But differently to the racing system has this muffler the job to silence the noise. We do not have enough space for a big volume muffler, so we have to do something with resonance and absorbtion in a small area. The flow rate is calculated and many parts are built...


Maybe world's first bull bar for a Delorean? I don´t know. But at this moment the project begins to get strange. I like it!


I build a spare wheel holder out of a 1/2" steel pipe. It works.


The basic for the support vehicle was delivered today. The 280GE comes from the Slovak Republic, where it was employed in the last 20 years as an ambulance in rough terrain.


Rims back, silver coloured now. Max called, wheel distancers ready for trying out. There are still a few small changes to make the parts fit perfekt.


Front axle parts are out of car and it was a brand new experience to see a steering rack clamp welded to the frame. Unbelievable. All the parts are very rusty and the frame must be blasted with sand and welded in some areas. At this occasion we will weld frame reinforcement and support for reconstruction.

The luggage compartment is ready now to adapt the auxiliary tank. The tank will be have a volume about 150 liters. The fuel pump will sit outside of the tank and the original fueltank will be just the reserve tank. Both systems will work independently.


We put out the interieur and begin to construct a combination between engine compartment cover and sparewheel holder. We will accept that the sparewheel prevent the view thru the rear window, maybe I will place a reversing camera. Interieur is out. Door Trim and luggage compartment behind the seats are not updated and may remain as original. The rest of the interieur will be changed and upgrated.


Talk to Max, the guy who build protos of the wheel distancers


5 pieces of metal in 6.5X16 4X100 reached us today. YEAH!


called Nicolas from the company who build the auxiliary fuel tank and talk about details like sender unit, location fuel pump and anything else around this system.

asked a rim builder für 6.5X16 4X100 steel wheels and he will send next week. Sometimes it´s good to have contact with people from the automobile industry.


Meeting with a TÜV engineer about tire sizes, other modifications and the requirements to make all these "official" for the German traffic.


Reactivate a connection and sent an email to ...a big international tire producer... and ask for support and maybe sponsering. It will be great to inspire this company with our idea of the Delorean World Tour!

5 steel rims 6.5JX15 4X100 reach us, but maybe we need 16", because I think there are no 15" Run Flat Tires available.

Talked to Peter, the exhaust manufacturer about size and place of the mufflers. We will have 2 seperate systems to bring the heat of the exhaust system away from the engine. A little like the systems in our racing car, but more silent.


We make a decision of materials for interior and seats in common with saddler and car textile dealer. Seats will be made from a microfiber textile and sides from matt vinyl. Dasboard binacle, kneepads and center console will finished in matt vinyl too, to minimize problems with reflections.


Movement 1st world tour dmc12 from barn to workshop, accompanied by a camera team.


Mercedes 280GE long wheel base and added long rear end (ex Ambulance) buyed from Miroslav from the Republic of Slovenia. 4000€ include transport to Bavaria is a lot of money for a "G" in this state, but the car is exactly what we want. 6 zylinder 2.8  with K-Jetronic and we need a lot of spare parts and so at the end we will have a great Supporter with a lot on new parts and less trouble.


Bought VIN 04389 from Kirk from Tennessee for 6,700 USD, payment confirmed, shipping company authorized - therefore vehicle #2 quite close.