Wolfgang remembers:

The idea with the world tour in spring 2010 came spontaneously. I saw a report of two motorcyclists who drove their BMW's around the world and there was the idea planted in my brain. I sent Chris an SMS at 11pm: "What do you think of the idea to drive with two Delos around the world in 2012?" Several days, nothing heard from him. The conclusion, he would have because of my weird and horizonless thought me now entirely the friendship terminated, was not true, because the opposite was the case! Chris has now started the find out how we can realise the whole thing... The idea hit a nerve with him probably because he wants in his life at some point something VERY SPECIAL experience and extraordinary! ...what would make a world tour in a Delorean...

The idea was born and we started in August 2010 to spend time in the north of Germany, at the invitation of our common Deloreanfriend Andre a few nice common days in and around Oldenburg. During a visit to the island Langeoog we sat in a relaxed atmosphere in a pub and Chris and I talked almost casually from our plan. "I also want" and a upstretched right index finger were all that occurred spontaneously to Andre, and so this trio was complete. In the course of the day still turned out that the Werner from Friesoythe already pretty much traveled all over the world and has extensive experience and background to each country. Thus, the occupation was cleared for a support vehicle ... and I'm pretty sure that Werner is the thought it was still a little scary ... (Quote: dream on - - - but it is possible)

On the following day our ladies are out for a shopping tour in Oldenburg and have seen it in a bookstore "accidentally" a few maps in the format of 1.4m X 1.0m and of course they had to pack up and pass us in the evening as a small gift! (Probably even as a small Consolation for burnt credit cards ...) It was also this evening again with world map browse, roll world atlas and spent time with wild planning.

The next day visited Andre, Chris, Werner and I in our Deloreans a Mercedes Dealer near Oldenburg. The junior business leader of the family's Mercedes-Benz representative called himself a big Delorean fan. After a lengthy technical discussion about the DMC-12 was the subject of any of the planned world tour. He took the idea of good and spontaneously offered his support for the procurement of the escort vehicle! His company sells German army vehicles and he has access to Mercedes G-models and Unimogs in different variants and body styles. We will see what the future will bring...

The next step was now all our ideas, thoughts and knowledge about the route, vehicles, public relations, marketing, shipping, etc. to write together and get an overview of the overall extent of the action. be continued...


"Great! Trips around the world with SUV´s are just exciting for those involved, but a world tour like this with Deloreans, that´s a project with hairs on the chest!" (Editor Axel Springer Verlag)

"My skepticism described dreams (dream on - - - but it is possible) has changed for the better. Meanwhile, I am also quite hot on the tour." (Werner Kreye)

True friends are sitting beside you in jail, tap on your shoulder and say: What a great action"

"If you have a dream only you can pursue it... have a great and productive week..."

"Dad: Now imagine you would be completely normal." (Veronica)

"I'm not interested in problems, only in solutions!" (Wolfgang Hank)

"The highest form of happiness is a life with a bit of madness" (Erasmus v. Rotterdam 1469-1536)