First stop at the petrol station to fill up the auxiliary tank to the top edge. 135 liters fit in and help the car driving 1000km without interruption. The original tank with its about 50 liters remained in the vehicle and serves as a backup system.


After last technical acceptance by the test engineer of the TÜV Süd world tour dmc12  #1 comes with licenseplate AIC-WT62 first time on the road.

What a trip! we start the project dwt1 27/02/2011 (purchase) and it took until the 30/07/2014. Now the first world wour dmc12 rolled on its own axis out to the road.


The lift kit requires in addition to the changes to the trailing arm also a camber correction by using modified upper links. The wheels are straight again properly, which is essential for a straight and low tire wear.



The second fuel system is completely installed and tested and make a good job.


After repeated installation and removal for adjustment and wiring now everything find its intended place and all fixtures combine to form a whole.


Spare Wheel Carrier are ready for Powder Coating.


There are some supplements provided for the vehicles and several meters of cable will supply the auxiliary systems with voltage.
  • Battery master switch with Fuel Pump and Ignition System interruption
  • Reliable fuse boxes
  • Second fuel pump
  • Second Fuel gauge
  • CB Radio system with an antenna
  • Override control and separate radiator fan fuses
  • Fan for transmission oil cooler and fuel condenser
  • Float switch for coolant level with alert delay circuit
  • Heated seat
  • Reliable light switch
  • Head Up Display, Speed
  • Radio / USB / Bluetooth Handsfree phone
  • Charger for LED hand lamp
  • Reversing camera / rear view system
  • Additional electrical outlets
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Reliable mirror adjustment
  • navigation system
  • digital odometer
  • ...


The auxilary fuel tank is provided with its own pump / filter / storage combination, and so both systems operate completely independent. If a system is disturbed or even be empty, we can be switch quickly to the other system.


Series production: SATISFIED! :-)


The changes to the rear trailing arms for realization of the lift kit is also finished for world tour dmc12 nr.2 now.



The production of the modified dashboard elements is running.


To record the complete route, we decided for a satellite-based system "SPOT GEN3". The device sends every 10 minutes an exact location via satellite to a server and Sven bring this information in common with a virtual map of the entire route to make it visible and to allow each visitor to track the journey on our homepage from home.



The exhaust specialist called and the world tour dmc12 systems are ready for deliver.


Inventor Stefan has begun to bring the first expansion fittings according to the plans and cardboard patterns incurred prior to series status to now come forward in the interior. In addition to the main battery switch and an analog clock, the fuel gauge for the auxiliary fuel tank, a digital speedometer with odometer, additional electrical outlets and various auxiliary switch can be installed. In the space above the center console, the mobile navigation system will find space. In the finish, the entire unit is based partly with leather and painted black on the end surfaces and thus adapted to the other fittings.


For the last several days, much has happened. The ventilation slots for transmission oil cooling and fuel capacitor are mounted on world tour dmc 1 and also the ultimate version of the spare wheel carrier is ready. Now we can start the "mass production" here. Well, just three... ;-)
Delorean and World Tour Fan Florian from Friedberg has been used  2 two days of his time to carry out various work on world tour dmc 2. All coolant lines and hoses are now revised, updated and he expanded the rear suspension completely. In the next step the trailing arms can be revised for the higher suspensions here.


VIN 04389 is currently built with a lot of detail work from a full ruin to the world tour dmc12 nr.2. The frame of the car is in surprisingly good condition and up to the replacement of the front plate between the wheel suspensions, a few almost normal corrosion at the area below the brake master cylinder and the world tour specific changes, are no big actions required here.

The whole cooling circuit and fuel and ignition systems are fully exchanged during the first step. The car has been exposed to wetness evident for many years and so many parts are so rusted and not repairable, or re-useable. Fuel Injectors, the crank pulley and many other parts are almost beyond recognition rusted. Our workshop professionals see this as a challenge and they are looking forward to the first try to start the engine.


After the prototype HEIGO finished now the 3 additional auxiliary tanks for our World Tour Deloreans and VIN 04389 and the tanks are back again in our workshop and we can start with the work on world tour dmc12 nr.2


After 4700km in 11 days we finished our first test-tour "Voyage en France"at the evening of 15th of august "just in time" at the Delo-Stüberl. Cars and equipment have met our expectations to 100% and we are very happy with the results from the first test tour. With all this newfound experiences we look forward to make planing for the upcoming Tours.


Click here for the story of "Voyage en France 2013"




Everything is packed, fueled, tested, charged and we are ready to start to the first trip with the Delorean World Tour Team around France. The vehicles have a unique dwt- look to show the world, we are a TEAM and one community.
Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Andorra, we are COMING!



Since the space for the driver was too short for long distance trips, we moved the standard partition 16 cm backwards and adjusted all the peripherals such as false ceiling and tank selector circuit to the new circumstances.



Nicolas Heilmann of HEIGO visited us today and he had the 260 liter auxiliary tank in the luggage. This will be the base for following installations and will provide valuable services to the trip.