Delorean World Tour Polar Circle Day 12

From Kopenhagen/Denmark to Oldenburg/Germany

The final day of our Polar Circle tour began with the great view after waking up and a hearty breakfast at the Marriott Bella Sky followed by complete closing of the hotel’s driveway by the World Tour Team for a photo shoot at departure.



The last leg took us trough Denmark to Rodby harbour onto the  ferry to Puttgarden/Germany. After 45 minutes at sea the German coast came into view and all cellphones were switched back to the local network. Finally back to usual 3G ...





Arrived in Oldenburg our reliable  DeLoreans got a small technical check and the final photo shootings were made. We finished the day in Andre's home with dinner and (a lot of) drinks  MugMug



We had:
- an awesome and unforgettable trip !!!
- no technical problems, all three DeLoreans and the 280GEL ran like clockwork !
- 5100 km / 3200 miles from start to end in Oldenburg
- plus arrival and departure to Augsburg and Sinzig
- more than 75 hours of driving time
- all kinds of weather conditions: sun, rain, snow, wind
- average speed around 75 kmh / 50 mph
- 11 different hotels from wooden shack to luxury hotel
- great landscapes, lonely streets, lively cities
- live reindeers, moose unfortunately only grilled
- many new friends, renewed old friendships




We're all looking forward to the launch of the official Delorean World Tour on Sept. 09 2015 !!!


Delorean World Tour Polar Circle Day 11

Sweden: From Kungälv to Kopenhagen


Punctually 9:30am departure in Kungälv, the day's tour led through Gothenburg towards Denmark to Copenhagen.




After about 180 km/120 miles we stopped for a coffee break and adopt Ints and Armands, who left us towards Latvia.



In sunny weather, the trip went to Copenhagen felt very quickly, driving over the impressive Öresund Bridge was one of the day’s highlights.




Our last night outside Germany we booked in the Design Hotel Bella Sky in Copenhagen, our rooms were on the 17 and 18 floor with spectacular views of Denmark's capital.



After sightseeing tour in Copenhagen with obligatory photo in front of the world-famous mermaid and dinner at a quaint restaurant, we finished  the evening at the Sky-Bar on the 23rd floor of our hotel with delicious drinks.




Delorean World Tour Polar Circle Day 10

Sweden: From Stockholm to Kungälv

The weather report predicted for today's route a lot of rain, but  20 km/12 miles after a wet departure in Stockholm the rain stopped and after we drove  the rest of our tour in dry conditions, sometime even the sun came out.

This morning we met Delorean owner Ints and his friend Armand from Latvia who arrived by overnight ferry. The two joined us for one and a half day on the tour and  left on Monday halfway towards Latvia ferry, so there were now four DeLorean in the team.




First stop of the day was a photo shoot at the Scania truck plant in Södertälje, about 30 km / 20 miles outside Stockholm.



Once in Kungälv (near Gothenburg)  Eva and Reine Gahnström from the Swedish Delorean Club already waiting for us, Andre and Ints know the two already of several DeLorean-meetings. After a short technical check of our World Tour cars we went to dinner.



Before we later got back to the hotel, we fulfilled the wish of a serious Back-To-The-Future fan to sit in a Delorean once ...

Here’s the video:


Delorean World Tour Polar Circle Day 9

Sweden: From Sundsvall to Stockholm

On the about 380 km/240 miles to our day's destination Stockholm the sun shined and the time went by quickly. The DeLoreans running like a clockwork. According to the low speed limits in Scandinavia (max. 110 kmh/ 70 mph) our fuel consumption is 10 liters on 100 km (23,5 mpg.)




Due to the early arrival we still had the opportunity to make a tour around Stockholms City.



As accommodation we took the Längholmen Hostel, a former prison that has been converted into a hotel. Of course, the World Tour team had a lot of fun ...



Delorean World Tour Polar Circle Day 8

Sweden: From Lulea to Sundsvall

Day number 8 of the tour took us quite unspectacular around 550 km/350 miles over Swedish roads and motorways to the port city of Sundsvall ...





... and always interrupted by photo shootings and delicious coffee from the G280-kitchen.





On our way we saw a lot of moose warning signs and countless speed cameras but unlike in Germany they were announced. So far, we were lucky and got no speed ticket.   Camera



While driving through the town Umea we received an email from Micke Liljeholm, a local Delorean owner who wanted to make an interview with us for his motor blog . As flexible as we are, we waited on a rest area and fulfilled his wish.



The the Video on youtube: