Our project "Delorean World Tour" finished in May 2016 in Belfast and all 16 displayed calendar pictures were taken between September 2015 and May 2016 on our unique journey around the world.  The calendar can be ordered in our online shop now.



the way to the shop: Delorean Kalender...


The Himalaya-Switches are configured and installed with all individual components together with pipes and so on into the vehicles.



With the "Himalaya-Switch" we select the method of the fuel pressure control. LOW (below) stands for automatic fuel pressure regulation (to about 3000m above sea level) and HIGH (above) for manual control. The pressure regulator together with pressure gauge and adjustment knob will find a place right on the center console


As previously reported, the design of the current used spring combination of short strong supporting spring and small bias spring was not optimal. This version is normally in off-road vehicles and quads use and did not a successful job in our D´s because of the short spring travel and thus realizable regular hard punches for our operations. We are now using from KW Suspensions in accordance with the axle load continuous calculated new single coil springs. Thus, the front axle is significantly smoother and more comfortable suspension and the drive dwt's thus noticeably quiet and crass potholes are swallowed relaxed.

The longer spring capacity bring improved comfort compared to the short double spring version.


All items of the front axle and suspension systems, here of dwt3, were examined on this occasion of damage and wear. The Arctic Circle crossing with the many kilometers over incredibly bad roads have left no discernible trace.


New Business cards are ordered to present ourselves and to leave marks on the trip.


The currently installed front springs regularly hit with the increased by the addition tank and other fittings axle with uneven roads and act overwhelmed at the limit, KW Suspensions has calculated new springs for our current axle load investigation and sent us a first pair for the experiment. We have installed the springs in dwt1 and the first trips were promising positives. On that occasion, we also have the same off the complete front axle and checked all bearings, housing and joints for wear, cracks and other damages. All components are all right and can be reused.

After a few rounds on the test track at different damper settings (compression and rebound) with varying states of charge, we decided to equip all dwt's with this new  version. KW will now build / powders / check / supply.


BACK AGAIN! On day 12 of our Arctic Circle tour we arrived back at Springer in Oldenburg. POLAR CIRCLE 2015 was a VERY BIG FUN!


Good friends are sitting in jail next to you on the bench, tapping you on the shoulder and say, "it was a great idea buddy"


For the first time three DMC12 have crossed the European Arctic Circle. POLAR CIRCLE 2015 is a big success!



Unbelievable moment on the road thru Norway.


Today we start with the three World Tour Deloreans and the G to the POLAR CIRCLE 2015

A - K - W and D-J Tschiiiiii



We are in the final preparations for the POLAR CIRCLE 2015 and our Service-G is also reactivated for this tour.





The last interior parts built in dwt3 and it is now really homely for Klausi.


IMG-20150403-WA0015_k IMG-20150404-WA0002_k

IMG-20150404-WA0004_k IMG-20150404-WA0006_k


Also dwt3 now has his final tail section.




Close to finish interior dwt3


Series fuel supply and additional cooling unit ready for running.


Patches with our logo to sewing or ironing and a grey cap for cap friend Klausi.


love these details...


"Mass production" for the interior.


The Mum of our electronics acrobat Elvis has organized a fair amount of colorful German pens as "baksheesh" for the children in the big wide world.


Steering rack reinforcement to protect the bearings of the steering worm. Because of the body lifting and the bigger tires the steering must be more stabile.