Day 212

04/03/2016 Fremont - Leesburg VA (USA)

Again a pure driving day, from which there's not too much to tell.


Our decision from yesterday to change the route, turned out to be the right one once more, because the weather report showed for today again heavy snowfall exactly over Detroit.



Hannes Steim, Delorean owner from the Black Forest who now lives in Toledo nearby our hotel, found out, that we're in Fremont over night and wanted to visit us of course. Gladly, but please with a broom, so that we can sweep the layer of snow off the Delos. At half past eight on time Hannes was standing in front of the door and we could free the cars from snow.




The start today was at 9 o'clock at frosty -3 degrees Celcius, the first 300 miles toward Leesburg/ Washington DC we still drove through snowy and cold landscapes. Later it became greener and sunnier, until Leesburg the thermometer climbed up to comfortable +13 degrees.






For the next two nights we're stay at the Kronenberg family in Leesburg, Klausi's brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who live there since 14 years.