Wolfgang Hank  Chris Schatz

July 2010 started Wolfgang Hank and Chris Schatz from Bavaria with the idea to drive around the world with the Delorean DMC12.


Andre Springer   Andre Springer

Andre Springer and Werner Kreye were infected in August 2010 and and were part of the Delorean World Tour Team.


Sven Sabrowski

Sven Sabrowski, IT-specialist from Munich is the very important "man behind the scenes". He has agreed to make the homepage to check the feasibility of the envisaged routes, check all the visa issues and rules and relevant objectives.


Elvis Nocita bring a lot of solutions to our automotive electrical systems. From the use of more reliable connections at the transmission control over updates and partially redesigning of various control Units, through to the construction of reliable mirror switches and charging stations for LED hand lamps he spent many hours with soldering station and multimeter for our project.


Marco Bolowski from Berlin, cousin of Andre and Delorean Enthusiast with his wife´s permission to "make this big boy thing" hit our team in February 2014 and he is expected to drive one of the world tour dmc's to Viaja a España 2014.


Klaus Steiner from Sinzig, a long time Delorean Club Member, DMC12 owner since 1996 and good friend for years, thought for a few weeks over the offer to join the worldtour as a full team member. His decision in August 2014 was YES! I DO! Why? Because this opportunity probably comes once in a lifetime and he wants to be a part of it. Angelika, his wife stands fully behind the action and supports our plans.



Good Ghosts in the Background:

Vincenzo Costa, refinisher "Lackmessias"

Josef Steinhardt, coachbuilder "Blechkünstler"

Hermann Merk, saddler "begnadeter Supersattler"

Peter Feimer, exhaust builder "Rohrverleger"

Stefan Suck, "Top-Tüftler" with band saw, lathe and welding machine.

Nicolas Heilmann, Fa. HEIGO "Tankbaumeister"

KW Suspension Systems "Fahrwerksbaumeister"




team  Voyage en France 2013





Andre Springer

Chris Schatz

Elvis Nocita

Sven Sabrowski

Werner Kreye

Wolfgang Hank


In case of the tour have been involved locally for us:


Anthony Carry (F)

Raphael Ferdani (F)




team   Viaja a España 2014




Andre Springer

Marco Bolowski

Wolfgang Hank

and Sven Sabrowski backstage


In case of the tour have been involved locally for us:


Anthony Carry (F)

Margit + Roland Ehnis (P)

Björn Braitmayer (Mallorca)




team   POLAR CIRCLE 2015





A - K - W und  DJ - Tschii goes to PC

(Andre - Klaus - Wolfgang and Dagmar + Jan with the model G goes to Polar Circle)


Andre Springer

Dagmar Derhake

Jan Derhake

Klaus Steiner

Wolfgang Hank

and Sven Sabrowski backstage


Delorean Owners we meet on tour:


Stian Birkeland (N)

Ints Indriksons (LV)

Mikael Liljeholm (S)

Eva und Reine Gahnström (S)




team  Delorean World Tour 2015/2016


and Sven Sabrowski backstage


Delorean Owners and people they gave us a good time on tour:

Darwin, Australia

- Ron Coverdale (D`owner)


Adelaide, Australia

- Matt Warren (D`owner)

- Richard Lowe (D`owner)

- Paul Black (D`owner)

- Darryl Hunt (D`owner)

- Chris Till (D`owner)


Melbourne, Australia

- Simon Hauser (D`owner)

- David Parkinson (D`owner)

- David Politino (D`owner)

- Corrado Principato


Sydney, Australia

- John Frisina (D`owner)

- Nick Holden (D`owner)

- Gary D. Cox (D`owner)

- Bill Run (D`owner)

- Angelo Daf (D`owner)

- Tim Densley (D`owner)

- Nathan Clark (D`owner)

- Luke Hallett (D`owner)


Vancouver, Canada

- Dave Graham (D`owner)

- Volker Seidel


Seattle (Washington) USA

- Toby + Misty Peterson (D`owner)

- Oliver + Terry Holler (D`owner)

- Gary Cavett (D`owner)

- Shawn Knight (D`owner)

- Andrew Wells (D`owner)

- John "the mechanic" Stoneman


Woodland / Portland (Oregon), USA

- Chris Almy (D`owner)

- Steve Maguire (D`owner)

- Brad + Maggie Gibson (D`owner)

- Dora Gay Pelley + Don Pelley (D`owner)

- Barbara J. Puchy (D`owner)

- Rachael Rafanelli  KGW8 NEWS


Petaluma (Kalifornien) USA

- Kimbell Jackson + Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly from BTTF)


San Francisco (California) USA

- Rich Wipfler + Kathy Neuman (D`owner)

- Mark Woudsma (Co-Pilot in Rich´s car)

- Eric Remedios and nephew Thomas and Rod, the Co-Pilot on Saturday (D`owner)

- Brian Miller + Tulani the Golden Retriever (D`owner)

- Christian Williams + Melissa (D`owner)


Santa Cruz (California) USA

- Bruce and Kevin Johnson (D`owner)

- Chuck Crowder (D`owner)

- Luigi Oppido (D`owner)

and "Electric Terry" Terry Hershner


Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande (California) USA

- A.G. and Duncan Speake (D`owner)

- Lee Edmonson (D`owner)


Los Angeles (California) USA

- Jil Ehnis

- Skip + Petty Vaughn (D`owner)

- Ron Ferguson (D`owner)

- Don + Nancy Steger (D`owner)

- Gordon Carpenter (D`owner)

- Cameron Wynne (D`owner)

- Danny + Cara Bottkin (D`owner)

- Roland Hoffman (D`owner)

- Paul "Doc" Nigh (D`owner)

- Michael Bach (D`owner)

- Rod Blankenship (D`owner)

- Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker from BTTF)


San Diego (California) USA

- Gordon (again) + Cathy Carpenter

- Brian Pereyra (D`owner)

- Matt Carpenters (D`owner)

- Chris Mack (D`owner)

- Miguel Onaindia (D`owner)

- Isaac Brambila (Co-Pilot in Isaacs car)

- Ron Ferguson (again)

- Don Steger (again)

- Roland Hoffman (again)


Las Vegas (Nevada) USA

- Bob + Gale Brandis (D`owner)

- Roger Pratt (D`owner)

- Andi Strano (D`owner)

- Stanislav Atanasov (D`owner)

- Paul Brian (D`owner)

- Kathie Richardson (D`owner)

- Mark Woudsma (again)


Phoenix (Arizona) USA

- Laura + Hugh Halladay (D`owner)

- Sean Hagan (D`owner)

- Mark Burchard (D`owner)

- Felix Allen (D`owner)

- Ben Ferguson (D`owner)

- Gary Adams (D`owner)


Abilene (Texas) USA

- Flicky Martenson (D`owner)


Forney (Texas) USA

- John Hervey (D`owner)

- Flicky Martenson (still with us!)


Humble (Texas) USA

- Stephen Wynne (D`owner)

- James Espey (D`owner)

- Sarah Heasty (D`owner)

- Thomas Kidd (D`owner)

- Bill and Khristian from the workshop

- Marcelo from the parts department (master of packing)

- Crystal Gonzalez (new face at the parts department)

- Aaron Barringer (D`owner)

- Shannon + Susi Birdwell (D`owner)

- Owen Malbec (D`owner)

- Jeff Bourque and Kimberley Terrell (D`owner)

- Chip and son Collin Story (D`owner)

- Jeff + Jax Cooke (D`owner)


Bagdad (Florida) USA

- Tim Wellborn (Wellborn Musclecar Museum)


Gainesville (Florida) USA

- Andrea and Rolf Ludden


Bonita Springs (Florida) USA

- Tom Huckelberry

- Matt Tobler

- Izzy Lara

- Mike Fiore


Orlando (Florida) USA

- Dana Sprague (D`owner)

- Brandon Shelton (D`owner)

- Elliot Hansen (D`owner)

- Brett Shelton (D`owner)

- Nicholas Roedl (D`owner)

- Bruce + Mary Angelitti Coulombe (D`owner)

- Jordan + Steffi Rubin (D`owner)


Alexander City (Alabama) USA


- Tim Wellborn

- Kristy Steele

- Steve Kimsey

- Phillip Love

- Mitch Sneed


Nashville (Tennessee) USA

- Tim + Tina Thompson (D`owner)

- Jayce Delker (D`owner)


Springfield (Illinois) USA

- Rich Weissensel (D`owner)

- Bill Schäfer (D`owner)

- Jim Leones (D`owner)

- Jake Kamphoefner (D`owner)

- Marty Maier (D`owner)

- Micah Fryman (D`owner)


Crystal Lake (Illinois) USA

- Julee + Dave Swingle (D`owner)

- Suzy + Michael McElhatten (D`owner)

- Bill Schäfer (again)

- Kevin Sparks (D`owner)

- Hunter Janzen

- Gino Arizmendi

- Heather + Marty Lick


Fremont (Ohio) USA

- Hannes Steim (D`owner)


Leesburg (Virginia) USA

- Beate + Hans-Dieter Kronenberg


Long Island (New York) USA

- Robert Grady (D`owner)


New York, USA

- Harold McElraft (D`owner)


Flensburg, Germany

- Thilo Skursch (D`owner)


Oldenburg, Germany

- Kai Gatzke + Ilka (D`owner)

- Astrid Hofmann

- Thorsten Nehring

- Carsten Heine (Cake Man)

- the Springer family


Hem, Netherlands

- Ed Uding (D`owner)


Brugge, Belgium

- Philiep Demeersseman (D`owner)

- Andy Verbrugghe (D`owner)

- Frédéric + Anaïs Poulin


Canvey Island, Great Britain

- Chris Nicholson (D`owner)

- Alistair Vanstone (D`owner)

- Justin Peacock (D`owner)

- Mark Haughton (D`owner)

- Jason Monk (D`owner)


Stockport, Great Britain

- Kevin Hicks and Family ( )

- Rick Carroll and Family ( )


Dublin, Ireland

- Declan Gantley and his daughter Alexandra  (D`owner)

- Dave Tynan and his daughter Elouise (D`owner)


Cork, Ireland

- Sascha Burucker and Anna Hirt (D`owner)


Sligo, Ireland

- Kenny Ward and his father John (D`owner)

- Renauld Lamy and Clotilde Theliea (D`owner)