Day 1

09/05/2015 Augsburg - Slavonski Brod, 500 miles

We can hardly believe it, but after years of preparation, we are actually on our way around the World in Delorean-cars!

After the goodbye in the morning (with some tears in the eyes) eyes ...)    –>VIDEO    we started in Augsburg at 8 clock am.

The first Etappe leads us on the Munich-Salzburg highway through Austria.


Unfortunately we had two highway closings on the A10 for 90 minutes each which cost us 4 hours time in the daily settlement. 09050030905004


Finally, it went yet further and Slovenia and Croatia were waiting for us.


The weather was really bad, until our todays destination Slavonski Brod in Croatia it was raining like cats and dogs.


At the gas station on arrival in Slavonski Brod even the Croatian police officers wanted sit in the Delorean ...


The day ended in our Pansion-Pizzeria Antonio with tasty pizzas and croatian  Ozujsko-beer.