Day 211

04/02/2016 Crystal Lake - Detroit - Fremont (USA)

The first look out of the window this morning showed a snowed in Delorean. The cars of Klaus and Andre found some place in the garage last evening, but Wolfgang’s Delo had to stay outdoor during the night. Thus he needed to clean the snow first this morning.



After a delicious breakfast at Julee and David Swingle we went on our way via Chicago to Detroit.





The weather forecast didn’t look good this morning and it should have been right.



Right after we passed Chicago dark clouds were appearing and it began to snow heavily.




After 100 miles in stormy snowfall with visibility under 50 metres at some times, we shortly decided to take Detroit out of our tour program and already travel South to Washington DC today. We need to arrive punctually in Portland/Maine on Thursday. There we have to ship our Deloreans to Iceland, we didn't want to endanger this date! Calling a friend in Detroit confirmed our decision, because there also was heavy snowfall.



As our new destination for the day we chose Fremont/Ohio, where we arrived at our hotel at about 5 p.m.



During the dinner there also fell a lot of snow, “Three Delos in the Snow”