Day 208

03/30/2016 Nashville - Louisville (USA)

The trip from Nashville to Louisville was quite uneventful, only interrupted by a short rest break, directly opposite the Dinosaur World.




Here is located a large portion of the United States official gold reserves:



In Louisville we met Cheryl and Phillip Doty, long known friends of Klaus. After a welcome at the house of the Doty’s we drove the last four miles to the hotel and left our Deloreans, because a visit to a whisky distillery was scheduled.


Philipp took us on a sightseeing tour through the area surrounding Louisville, there are huge horse farms and many of the famous whiskey distilleries such as Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Four Roses and Woodford Reserve.




Woodford also was a destination of our excursion, unfortunately it was too late for a sightseeing tour, but a whiskey tasting was still to book.



Here a young lady taught us the differences of distillation and ripening processes and how the whiskey gets his taste. Then there were the products by the glass to try - that's why we parked the DeLoreans as a precaution at the hotel and don't drive ourself.



Andre and Klaus made shopping at the factory shop.


The team and Phillip Doty



Back at the hotel we met two gentlemen at the car park who turned out to be representative for automotive care and sealing products. They were excited by our DeLorean and the World Tour and gave us a lot of samples and pattern of their products, hopefully we can fit all this stuff in our cars ...


Day 207

03/29/2016 Tifton - Nashville (USA)

From Tifton in Georgia we went over the state liner to Alabama (and won a  hour by time zone change), there to the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alexander City



Tim Wellborn we met a week ago by chance at a rest stop in Florida, and because his museum is not too far from our route, we gave him a visit today. Tim has gathered a huge collection of muscle cars in over 30 years. On his Dodge Charger's in all from 1968 to 1971 built versions with HEMI engine and special colors he is particularly proud. All cars are in top running condition, connect the battery, turn the key, it runs! Some racing car with special history can be admired also there. Unfortunately we had only two hours, so Tim introduced the most beautiful models from his collection. Finally he drove us to his nearby home, where we could admire special highlights of his own private sports car collection with classic and modern super cars.








Lunch at the Muscle-Car-Museum


Tim at his desk



A Delorean World Tour Sticker from now at the entrance to the museum



Then we placed the second half of our route back, passing Huntsville / Alabama with the Marshall Flight Center of NASA, across the state line to Tennessee to our days destination Nashville.





There we met Delorean-Owner Tim Thompson and wife Tina, with whom we had arranged to meet for dinner. Shortly Jayce Delker, also a Delorean driver, participated.


Tim gave us a ride in his Chevy truck to the Broadway, the middle of the entertainment district of Nashville. Here in every bar and every restaurant a band is playing, and the street is full of life.




Day 206

2016/03/28 Orlando - Tifton (USA)

Our route took us from Florida to Georgia on todays Easter Monday which isn’t a holiday but a normal working day here in the US.



Not only the German capitol is called Berlin, here in the States there are several towns with this name. So there was 'Berlin, Georgia' right along our route today.



Here we stopped at a supermarket for buying beverages. In there we met the local police chief Tim Weathers. He was highly interested in our Delorean World Tour and offered us his public office building, which was only a few streets away, as a photo location. There we additionally were endowed with two police badges of the 'Berlin Georgia Police'.





Right before our todays destination Tifton there is the small town of Moultrie, home of the aircraft manufacturer Maule Air Inc.



Andre, who is a passionate aviator, had chosen this intermediate destination because he used to fly with an aircraft of Maule for years and wished to visit the company. Proprietor Brent Maule welcomed us himself, lead us through the factory buildings and explained us the processes of aircraft manufacturing. As being a small manufacturer, Maule still produces and equips each aircraft individually for its customers. Of course Andre was completely impressed!






Day 205

03/27/2016 Orlando (USA)


Day 204

03/26/2016 Orlando (USA)

The World Tour Deloreans in front of our condo.



Bruce Coulombe , well known as the best Delorean time machine builder hat his workshop in Oviedo near Orlando. Via email we came in contact with him and made an appointment for today to meet him in his office.  In the yard was already an original replica Jeep from the Jurassic Park movie, because Bruce is making Movie Props from different movies for private person and companies.



In his office there are a lot of memorabilia and models from the Back to the Future movies, he even own the original Panasonic clock radio with a dedication from Michael J. Fox ( Marty Mac Fly) from part 1 of the trilogy. Replica from Jurassic Park are the second pillar of his company.





After we told him  the story and details from our tour, he showed us his workshop, here was an almost finished time machine and  two still under construction projects. We were impressed from the kind of meticulousness and precision  the DeLoreans are modified here.






We could also marvel one Jurassic Park gate,  ordered  by a business company.


Bruce was so much impressed from our World Tour, so that he gave us a set of three signed Delorean-time machine-models as a gift.



After a warm goodbye from Coulombe Enterprises we drove to Stephanie and Jordan Rubin (see yesterday's blog), they had invited us for a barbecue in the evening. We gladly accepted the invitation, because Jordan is an gifted grill master. As thanks, he received the original Delorean World Tour Team Sticker.



On the way back to the Resort it was raining cats and dogs in a thunderstorm with an eyeshot of 20 yards , anyway,  now our Deloreans are clean again.