After Martin Krächter of outdoor fair took the time for a very extensive telephone consultation regarding camping , the first sample tent has arrived. At first glance convinced the proper processing and the structure is quite easy. Tents of this type will accompany us on the first test route around France and after that we can draw our summary.


Another Victory: The assessments are completed and the Vehicles can now be finished built in the intended equipment and then, after a final technical inspection, licenced. 2 years and a lot of Energy has gone into this part of the tour preparations. Thanks to the constructive cooperation with TÜV Süd and we  carry everything to a safe and certifiable results together. Even the Plates are already pressed and we will roll around the world with AIC WT 61 to 64 . The AIC WT65 is designed for our spare world tour dmc12.



The last technical tests to prepare expert reports for the legal registration of all relevant modifications for the World Tour Deloreans have been completed.

> Measuring of all dimensions
> Calculations, tires / brakes / emission
> Calculations strength equipment rack front
> Finding strength rim, hub adapter, shock absorbers and springs
> Test driving brake tests
> Elk Test
> Steeringwheel reset forces
2 engineers, 1 mechanic, various test equipment, Partly cloudy sky, good atmosphere and a TOP-prepared test car will bring positive results. The evaluation is expected in a few weeks.


It come together what belongs together. Suspension, brakes, steering, drive, everything is in place to drive again on the streets of the world. Also at first sight somewhat confusing piping art will serve their purpose and distribute fuel as the driver wants it.


With their proven Land Rover Sonja Nertinger and Klaus Schier took time to bring us to the topic "Navigating Worldwide" closer and show her proven system for route planning, route guidance of all trips. Chris will take care of the preparations for the Navigation, and so there was a very productive technical discussions between professional globetrotter Klaus and Navigation trainee Chris.


Chris and Wolfgang visited Department of Infectious and Tropical Medicine, University of Munich "AITM" informed of the latest proposals and provisions on vaccination and losses. The recommendations are consistent with the almost completely developed by Sven and Steffen lists and we can start to vaccinate.



Drive train is waiting to jump into the frame and to do his job.


SYN Systems  from Karlsruhe created a very exclusive QR code with amazing Delorean look to reach our homepage.


The first practical application was realized quick and so everyone who is intrigued by one of our vehicles, immediately can reach our website by cell phone / smartphone / tablet via QR-code scanner with full information about the Delorean World Tour within seconds.



Today world traveler, documentary filmmaker and photographer Klaus Schier, who made tours crisscross and around the world with his partner Sonja Nertinger since many years in their reinforced Unimog or sometimes with their Land Rover, spend a few hours for a first view of our world tour fleet and it was a very productive technical discussion around the topic of "Driving around the Globe". I´m happy that Klaus do not run away screaming, after the first impression of our crazy and unreal fleet.

Funny side issue: Sonja and Klaus was interested in autumn 2011 for the 280GE, which is our "G" now.

More about the travels of Klaus and Sonja: http://www.outdoor-production.com


The framework for world tour dmc 06601 VIN is after thermal stripping, extensive blasting work and 110 hours of intensive revision with VERY much new steel is now ready for coating. First, we have to blast the surface again to ensure adhesion of the following metal spraying. Next step is powder coating in faithfully reproduced in color.


The first big step is done and our support vehicle has been transformed from worn and rusty scrap into a technical overhould beauty. Our 280 GE'L will support us well in the coming years for our tours. Details about "G" can be found here: http://www.deloman.de/projektemenu/280ge


Calendar 2013/14 starts and the current edition shows 16 motifs with the Delorean in Paris, Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Dresden.

Order by mail or directly at the deloman online shop:




Our engine is back from the engine rebuilder. Valves, camshafts, piston and liner combinations, some rocker arms, all stock, all gaskets, everything new. Every last little particles are checked and depending on the location irradiated, galvaniced, hardened, polished, lapped, and incorporated. Huber and Wiessner made a technical and optic beauty out of a piece of old dirty and broken metal.


After extensive testing of all alterations and modifications of the individual components can now go into series production. Wheels, chassis, powertrain, exhaust and a lot of small detailed solutions will now be built for using into the 3 world tour dmc12. Long-distance trips on French and German motorways via and bad roads in Eastern Europe, high-speed tests on a BOSCH test track to tougher off-road in a tank training area. VIN 01178 hit the road! But the only way that extensive knowledge and invaluable experience to continue with the design and improvement of world travel and also modifications of the original structures are obtained.


The prototype of the drive shafts are ready for test. The weight is 1.7 kg more than the original 7.0kg. Now we can test the limit of what is possible in lifting up the body.


Electronics expert Elvis finished the first completely revised electronic for the automatic transmission computer and a special feature is the connector for a quick replacement without removing the complete wiring.


The crew from HOHN in Gersthofen will build the first 2 driveshafts with universal joints within 2 weeks to realize a higher angle bend, which is necessary for the higher maximum position of the chassis.


The standard drive shafts come with the used lift kit to the limits of the possible bending and thus the latest in the contracted bolts overloading and consequent damage is not acceptable. So we will replace the original drive shafts through a new construction with reinforced universal joints.  HOHN, a traditional company specialized for the production of cardan shafts, wants to take on the challenge and next Tuesday we bring a vehicle and all neccessary items as a basis for the redesign to Gersthofen.


The first attempt generator (alternator) begins to make noise after about 5000km of use and we find the cause in the rotation of a bearing holder version made ​​of plastic. A rotation stopper is broken and so it came to the now rotating plastic socket to wear and consequently the noise. For now the world trip generator bearing holder are made of metal to this risk entirely ruled out. The brand new 105 amp alternators are broken down all in one close to us old-established auto electric shop completely, checked all the components to fit and function and to comply with the changes (using high-performance bearings, ...) back together and then for our use reliable available to stand. When installing the new generator in our test vehicle was also realized the new system of cooling air support .



Through a recommendation from a customer, we find the first contact with FLIR Systems, Inc. Commercial Vision Systems Security & Surveillance. FLIR is a world renowned supplier of thermal imaging and vision enhancement systems and provides among other things an infrared vision system that could be benefit for our world tour vehicles.